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Imagine a world with improved patient compliance, a more steady drug delivery state, less frequent dosing, minimal adverse effects, is less invasive and fewer problems with gastrointestinal absorption issues, all of which are avoided by eliminating first pass metabolism.

Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems


— A Simple, Convenient Way to Get the Remedy You Need —


While tablets and injections have been the traditional way to take remedies and medications, new options are becoming increasingly popular.


One highly successful alternative delivery method is the transdermal or “through the skin” patch.


Patches can offer several benefits, including more consistent symptom control, enhanced convenience, increased tolerability and the potential for fewer side effects.

Nutriband - Leaders in Transdermal Technology

Transdermal Delivery System Advantages:


Enhancing bioavailability through bypassing first pass metabolism


Minimizing pharmaco-kinetic peaks and troughs


Improving tolerability and dosing


Increasing patient compliance


Continuous delivery

Nutriband - Leaders in Transdermal TechnologyNutriband - Leaders in Transdermal Technology

Factors that can affect bioavailability: the size and type of pill/capsule, the type of inert ingredients included in the preparation, and the crystalline properties and rates of dissolution of the drug itself.


While most prescription, over-the-counter and dietary supplement pills, capsules, or powder formulas may be good, they simply cannot get most of their formula nutrients into your bloodstream, which is where they must go to deliver the benefits and results you want.


With today’s advanced time-release transdermal patches, virtually 100% of the formula’s dosages levels are delivered directly into your bloodstream, with no degrading stops along the way (stomach Acids & liver). Better yet, with time-release patches, a person’s system can metabolize the formula nutrients more efficiently.

Nutriband - Leaders in Transdermal Technology