Capabilities - Research and Development

4P Therapeutics conducts contract research and development and other services for a number of clients in the life sciences field.

Pharmaceutical companies are turning to drug delivery technologies to boost pipelines and compensate for patent losses. Currently marketed drugs are being repositioned through reformulation using novel drug delivery technologies and drug delivery approaches are being considered early in the development program of new chemical entities. Transdermal drug delivery is an attractive area of research due to the development of patch technologies that can be used to deliver drugs that are typically administered by injection in an effort to increase compliance and improve outcomes.

The 4P team is experienced in developing a broad range of transdermal drug delivery technologies. These range from conventional transdermal systems to novel transdermal technologies for use in the delivery of water soluble small molecules as well as peptides, proteins, vaccines and macromolecules that are typically delivered by needle injection. The company’s team also has experience with developing oral drug delivery technologies, medical devices, and diagnostics, skills which it leverages for the development of combination products.

4P specializes in accelerating products from concept to proof-of-concept, by moving quickly from the establishment of preclinical feasibility to the demonstration of proof-of-concept in humans. Once the product concept is demonstrated in humans, 4P leads the execution of the clinical/regulatory program as well as the tech transfer process, supports design for manufacturing, and manages its key contract manufacturing relationships during scale-up and commercialization.

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Capabilities - Manufacturing

Pocono Pharmaceutical is a contract manufacturer and consultant for matrix coated products, Topicals and cosmetic’s.

Products are made in-house using coating, slitting, printing, and packaging processes in a quality-controlled manufacturing environment for clients seeking to test or launch new coated products. Base material is a plastic polyolefin film with acrylic polymer adhesive. Flexo printed and thermochromic finishes are also available. Products may be cut 1.25″ to 14.5″ wide, with complete orders distributed in sheet or roll form. Pocono Pharmaceutical does not actively participate in the regulatory process for our clients however customers can be referred to 4P Therapeutics for these services. Pocono Pharmaceutical is predominantly a contract manufacturer for 3rd parties and does not produce or market any products in house.

Thanks to intensive quality inspection at every level of the creation process, Pocono Pharmaceutical is able to provide safe and effective products according to exact customer requirements. Large to small orders are possible on lead times of four to six weeks. See the table below for more service info, and contact Pocono Pharmaceutical today to start a discussion about our coated product capabilities.

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