About our company

About Nutriband

At Nutriband we have assembled a World Class Team of industry experts with one goal, to use transdermal technology to improve treatments for patients, improve patient comfort and set safety standards for notoriously dangerous medications.


Transdermal (taking through the skin) technology is becoming more appealing in the area of patient care and medications and it is our goal at Nutirband to be a World leader and expert in Transdermal Delivery.


The Core focus for Nutriband is to do our part to fight the Opioid epidemic currently sweeping the nation and internationally.  Fentanyl and other opioid based transdermal medications unfortunately play a role in a significant number of opioid deaths each year.  Working with our Clinical subsidiary 4P Therapeutics we have developed a patent pending technology called Defent which we believe with FDA approval will revolutionze the safety standard for these medications and save countless lives per year.

Nutriband - Leaders in Transdermal Technology

Its our goal to improve patient comfort, safety and efficacy while setting new safety standards for notoriously abused, yet extremely effective medications!